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Lloyd Davis

Jul 29, 2009, 6:03:13 AM7/29/09
to tuttl...@googlegroups.com

Hello Tuttle Folk

In May this year we were tipped off that the TEDx program was running, and decided after a moment's thought to run TEDxTuttle. TED agreed (do they know what they have let themselves in for ;-) ) and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sun Startup Essentials have kindly sponsored the event and even given us their smart Conference Centre to play with for an afternoon and evening. Alan (@freecloud) Patrick "volunteered" his crew at Broadsight for building the website, running the video systems, editing, processing and helping organise the technical side of TEDx etc.

The TEDxTuttle website is at www.tedxtuttle.com, and there is also @tedxtuttle on Twitter to follow/comment on/argue with/etc. Next step is for you, the lovely and awesome Tuttle Hivemind to decide what we want to talk about.

We are planning to show 6 TED videos and have 3 speakers. The initial plan is to talk about/show videos in 3 areas that we seem to be very interested in at Tuttle:
- emerging technologies in our space (and cool gadgets etc)
- ecosystems (economic/ecological/social)
- social systems - media, digital anthropology etc

The rest of the time will be given over to what we like best... chatting and sipping coffee (and possibly something stronger later on)

The idea is that, when registering, all attendants note down areas they are interested in covering. If the above themes don't suit, suggest alternatives.  We've already tapped a few people as potential speakers, but feel free to suggest others.

But first, you gotta Register. When you Register you gotta tell us who you are, as well as:

(i) Something to talk to you about you in 140 characters - it will be printed on your sticker for the day
(ii) What sort of areas you are interested in covering, as noted above. No comment and we'll have to assume that what we want to see wins :)
(iii) We are in the process of lining up the speaker parts and videos, but if you have anyone you'd especially like to see, shout it out loud

There are only 90 seats, so space is limited and will be allocated on a first come - and most filled in form - basis. Tuttle members will get priority but don't delay registering too late as we will have to make cutoff calls by mid August at the latest.

After that we will post up the proposed program, speakers, videos etc. This being Tuttle, people can comment on it but we will "go firm" by end August.

Note that we are informing Tuttlers first, va this email, after that we will open it out further.

And let Alan know - alan.p...@broadsight.com if you have any questions or problems with registration.

See you soon!

Lloyd Davis
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Rebecca Caroe

Jul 29, 2009, 11:15:18 AM7/29/09
to lloyd...@gmail.com, tuttl...@googlegroups.com

Darling Lloyd

You forgot to mention the date!


Rebecca Caroe

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