newbie tg.request not visible with MinimalApplicationConfigurator

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R Kucera

Sep 3, 2019, 3:18:53 AM9/3/19
to TurboGears

I get these error messages:

Default renderer not in renders, automatically switching to json
app_globals not provided and lib.app_globals.Globals is not available.

The docs say Minimal is supposed to provide these.   I am in minimal mode,  just a single file.

Am I supposed to be able to refer to tg.request.validation out of the box?  
Thank you!    (I looked at bottle, flask and mojolicious,  I would like to work with TG2 I just like it better...)
for example here's the whole thing:
from tg import RestController
from formencode import validators

from mahjong.hand_calculating.hand import HandCalculator
from mahjong.tile import TilesConverter
from mahjong.hand_calculating.hand_config import HandConfig
from mahjong.meld import Meld

# RootController of our web app, in charge of serving content for /
class RootController(RestController):
    @validate({"man":validators.String(not_empty=True), "pin":validators.String(not_empty=True), "sou":validators.String(not_empty=True), "win":validators.String(not_empty=True)})
    def calc(self, man, pin, sou, **kw):
#        validation_status = tg.request.validation
#        errors = [{key, value} in validation_status.errors.iteritems()]
#        values =  validation_status.values

        calculator = HandCalculator()
#        tiles = TilesConverter.string_to_136_array(man='22444', pin='333567', sou='444')
        tiles = TilesConverter.string_to_136_array(man=man, pin=pin, sou=sou)
        win_tile = TilesConverter.string_to_136_array(sou=sou)[0]
        result = calculator.estimate_hand_value(tiles, win_tile)
#        return dict(han=result.han, fu=result.fu, errors=str(errors), values=str(values))
        return dict(han=result.han, fu=result.fu)

# Configure a new minimal application with our root controller.
config = MinimalApplicationConfigurator()
    'root_controller': RootController()

# Serve the newly configured web application.
print("Serving on port 8080...")
httpd = make_server('', 8080, config.make_wsgi_app())

Alessandro Molina

Sep 3, 2019, 5:22:14 PM9/3/19
to TurboGears
There are some errors in the codebase, but in theory should work fine in minimal mode.

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