[ANN ] tgcrud 1.0 Beta is released

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Apr 3, 2007, 4:16:40 AM4/3/07
to TurboGears
I'm please to inform you that tgcrud 1.0 Beta is released


The document is here:

tgcrud is an TurboGears command extension,
which could generate a sqlobject/sqlalchemy backend editor interface
based on your Model.

$ tg-admin crud BookMark BookMarkController

You could follow the hints using TurboGears widgets to customize forms
in your interface.
http://inet6.blogspot.com/2007/03/turbogears-widgets.html (another
intro about form widgets in chinese)

Follow the TurboGears quickstart template style, you could easily add
identity, form validation, paginate.in your crud interface.


No Magic
* The generated codes are normal TG source.
* no extra magic encapsulation, thus you don't need to rewrite the
interface when you need extra flexibility (not the same as Rails'
* Separate Form definition from Model (not the same as Django admin)
* Use standard TurboGears syntax and code organization.
* It's a good crud implementation reference by TG.

* Provide the command line tool
* tgcrud kid interface works for you no matter whatever template
engine you currently choose for your project.
* You could customize the model relationship by widgets (document
shows how to use 1-to-1, 1-to-many. I haven't try many-to-many but at
least you could do it with HTML form)
* Use widgets form heavily. you'd hardly need to modify the HTML. You
could add complex form validation via widgets, too.


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