2.1b1 is released!

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Jan 25, 2010, 11:15:53 PM1/25/10
to TurboGears Trunk, turbo...@groups.google.com
The TG2.1 team presents our first beta.

Thanks to all of you who helped ferret out bugs in the alpha stage.
Here is a list of items fixed in this release.

* Deprecated default in favor of _default
* Fixed handling of Unicode parameters
* Added disable_request_extensions flag to configuration to allow
users to ignore the request extension dispatch bits of object
* Increased length of Permission.permission_name to 63 chars.
* Fixed GET requests on nested RestControllers.
* Fixed case-sensitive incorrectness in quickstart when using mako
template option.
* Fixed numerous URL routing bugs, consilidating the RC and TGC
controller base.
* Fixed eroneous tg.url call inside the quickstart template.
* Added use_dotted_templatenames support for Genshi.
* Added ignore_parameters setting in the config
* Added ability to have sa_auth.cookie_secret in .ini file
* Added cookie_secret to quickstart template
* Added tgext template
* Added backwards optional support for TurboJson

So, this is a considerable number of fixes, and I don' think that we
are far-off from our first release candidate. My plan is to produce 1
more beta right before pycon, then a release candidate in march, with
2.1 final in early April. If you are considering upgrading to 2.1
from 2.0, this might be a good time to test the waters and get back to
us. Most of the changes were in the dispatcher this time around, so I
am guessing we got most of those bugs ironed out. I can tell you
this, the dispatcher was much easier to fix than in 2.0.

Here's some stats on this release:

tg: 18 files changed, 518 insertions(+), 256 deletions(-)
tg.devtools: 17 files changed, 416 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed bugfixes, especially those
that came with tests, that made my job a lot easier. We closed about
25 tickets this round. Great job guys.


Mark Ramm

Jan 26, 2010, 12:12:10 AM1/26/10
to turbogears-trunk
Thanks for all the hard work Chris!

It's great to see all the features in this new release, and to see how
you've raised the bar with 2.1.

Great work. I also think special thanks should go to mpedersen, who
has done great work improving the state of the docs for 2.1.

--Mark Ramm

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Mark Ramm-Christensen
email: mark at compoundthinking dot com
blog: www.compoundthinking.com/blog


Jan 26, 2010, 1:48:27 PM1/26/10
to TurboGears Trunk
Thanks a million for all your work Chris!

Just FYI, following the upgrade instructions in the 2.1 docs required
an extra step for me. In addition to the easy_install for tg.devtools,
I also had to do an easy_install -U -i <index> TurboGears2 in order to
get 2.1b1.

easy_install -U -i http://www.turbogears.org/2.1/downloads/current/index
easy_install -U -i http://www.turbogears.org/2.1/downloads/current/index



Jan 29, 2010, 4:41:44 PM1/29/10
to TurboGears Trunk
Seth, this is probably due to the fact that I forgot to update the
requirements for tg.devtools to b1, I will fix this come b2.


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