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Szczepan Hołyszewski

Dec 6, 2019, 2:10:49 PM12/6/19
to tup-users
Is there a way to get tup to store the ABSOLUTE path of the project top level directory in a variable, without actually hardcoding the path?

Why I need this: I have a weird but must-live-with build tool that MUST be run in the top-level project directory, no matter where the files are located that a particular invocation of the tool will read or write. Therefore build commands that use the problematic build tool and live in Tupfiles located in subdirectories of the project root must be prefixed with cd [appropriate number of ../] in order to get into the project root directory before executing the tool. However if I want to use some variables defined in Tuprules.tup in the tool's command line, and those variables are anyhow constructed from $(TUP_CWD), then this will be broken: those variables are relative to the directory of the current Tupfile, but I have cd'd out of that directory before excuting the tool, and those relative paths are no longer valid as relative to the tool's current working directory.



: some-input-file.i |> cd .. && problematic-tool %o $(some-binary) $(some-dir-in-project)/whatever |> some-output.o


some-binary = $(TUP_CWD)/bin/some-binary
-dir-in-project = $(TUP_CWD)/some/dir/in/project

If the problematic tool could be executed from anywhere, then we could just write:

: some-input-file.i |> problematic-tool %o $(some-binary) $(some-dir-in-project)/whatever |> some-output.o

When tup would execute the command, it would expand to:

problematic-tool some-output.o ../bin/some-binary ../some/dir/in/project

... and this would work correctly. But the tool must be executed from the project root into which we must "cd ..", and tup is unaware of that and doesn't adjust ".." to ".".

How can I overcome this problem without too much refactoring? Ability to store the absolute path to the project root in a variable would be THE silver bullet here. It would completely solve the problem.

Gerardo Delgadillo

Dec 20, 2019, 2:49:31 PM12/20/19
to tup-users
I'm new at this, but could you set a variable in your top-level Tuprules.tup with the top level directory? I'm doing something similar to save sub-project top paths. Something like this:

OPENSRC_DIR = $(TUP_CWD)/OurOpenSource

Then I use that in my projects' Tupfiles this way:

CFLAG += -I$(OPENSRC_DIR)/video/include

In your case, you could set your variable to this:

Would this work for you?
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