Variant build specific node vs in-dir build

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Gerardo Delgadillo

Dec 20, 2019, 10:43:39 AM12/20/19
to tup-users
We have debug and release builds, and our source tree include many projects. Our developers usually focus on a set of projects (sometimes only building debug versions) and never compile the others. Meaning, if using in-dir builds, they could build the desired flavor with "tup myproject/debug64" or "tup myproject/release64" for example.

For variants, I could not figure out how to build a specific node. How do I tell tup to build a specific node for that variant? Like, tup variant-name myproject.

Now, for in-dir builds, I came up with a little trick to avoid repetition. I have a common file that does the work, and it sits a level above my build directories. The Tupfiles in these build directories include this common file after setting the config type (that the common file uses to chose the right compiler and link flags, etc). It works, but I wonder if there's a different, easier technique I can use? This is how the directory structure looks like:

And the "debug" Tupfile has these lines:
    Config = debug
    include ../common_file

Gerardo Delgadillo

Jan 3, 2020, 3:24:47 PM1/3/20
to tup-users
I answered my own question -- use the variant path, along with wherever the project's Tupfile is in the source tree. Duh, yeah?
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