Invitation to Tunis JavaScript Meetup Group (TunJS) community and introductory meeting - Saturday, April 13 at ESPRIT

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Nader Toukabri

Mar 24, 2013, 2:16:05 PM3/24/13
Hello everyone,

JavaScript, the web programming language, is becoming the new "write once, run everywhere" as consequence of its ubiquitous nature driven by the web's. It's also one of the most controversial and misunderstood scripting languages. Even more confusing, JS frameworks and libraries are popping up massively on daily basis and even conquering the server-side. A lot more than one can expect of a scripting language designed and implemented by a single guy in 10 days!

We, a group of professional and students interested in JavaScript, are in our way to set up a community around JavaScript and web development in general. We would like to invite you to Tunis JavaScript Meetup Group (TunJS shortly) community and it's introductory meeting on April 13 at ESPRIT.

Our community aims to develop critical JavaScript skills by providing a platform enabling knowledge sharing and experience discussion, all this by organizing meetups as often as possible. We will cover web development as a whole and will try to keep up with the continuously evolving web technologies, front-end and back-end as much, with focus on:
In our first meetup entitled "Intro To The Tunis JavaScript Meetup Group" and taking place on Saturday April 13 at ESPRIT, we will address the following topics:
  • The idea behind the community
  • JavaScript history and evolution
  • AngularJS, the powerful client-side MVC framework by Google
  • Node.js, the server-side platform running JavaScript and empowering various kinds of web frameworks (API centric, real-time driven, ...)
  • ... (any suggested topic)
  • Future meetups planning
We are also looking for JavaScript professionals who are willing to give presentation about their experience in order to motivate beginners. Please contact us if you're interested.

Finally, we invite you to:

Follow us on Twitter
Make reservation for first meetup on
Check our first meetup events on Google+ and Facebook

Looking forward to see you among us.

Best Regards,
Nader Toukabri | TunJS Co-organizer and ENSI Ambassador

Zied Hamdi OneView

Apr 22, 2015, 5:37:05 PM4/22/15

There are great job position for AngularJs experienced developers, if you ever have contacts in Tunis it would be great to send them this link

Best regrads,
Zied Hamdi
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