Max 0.3 released

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Sep 22, 2016, 3:49:58 PM9/22/16
to TUNES Project
Hi all.  I know it's been quiet around here and I've had a lot of non-TUNES
things going on. However lately I've been dedicating part of my day to
develop Max, my code name for my software project which intends to
implement TUNES Principles ( )
according to my own design. Currently it's just a prototype, but using the
iterative model, I intend to build on this code base for a while.
I sent the below to the Max mailing list earlier (which has fewer people
than this one- some of you may have already seen this):


I'm pleased to announce Max 0.3, the first Haskell-based release.
I updated with bare-bones information.

This is a source only release. git clone
then follow the steps in doc/INSTALL in the checked-out repo.
I've only tested AMD64 GNU/Linux but it may work on other systems.

If you get it running, the list of controls will appear on screen.
Use keyboard to move around in 3D, and interact with the world,
changing the color of cubes and a sphere between red and green.  Mouse
changes camera angle only.

It's been a long road since the 0.2 release in 2010, since then I
decided the Common LISP ecosystem and cl-sdl in particular were too
buggy and not being worked on, so I looked for a better community.
I've been very happy with Haskell.  Thanks to Peter Althainz for his
HGamer3D framework and assistance with bugs and questions.

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