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Attila Lendvai

Mar 17, 2021, 7:50:24 AM3/17/21
to TUNES Project
dear List,

it might be of interest to some people here that i have spent a non-trivial amount of time working on Maru:

if nothing else, i believe it at least became more approachable and organized than what it used to be, and maybe even developed some new features of interest.

- attila

Kartik Agaram

Mar 18, 2021, 4:20:01 AM3/18/21
(resending publicly at Attila's suggestion)

I'm really happy to see this, because I've been working on something similar:

It has a linux/ subdirectory analogous to Maru's `linux` platform that generates ELF binaries without needing any third-party tooling. The ELF binaries can run with just an OS kernel. It also has a 'baremetal' version at the top level that doesn't need an OS. (Though it does need linux/ to bootstrap itself.)

Most of it is a low-level statement-oriented language, but I've been starting to give it a very rudimentary, interpreted Lisp-based HLL. At first glance Maru seems like a really good candidate for a Mu port.
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