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suresh yodhaa

Jan 18, 2015, 10:01:54 PM1/18/15
Internet of Things needs an OS for connecting all the devices avaialable with less overhead on OS.  So I am proposing a new architecture (may be old if I have ignorance). Merge freedos odin and linux v1..3.x.  As first step let us merge odin and linux v1. This merge would become two OSes instead of one OS.  One OS should be called process-server Operating System and the second OS should be called user client operating system. 

In process server the specialisation is that it does deal with any console, gui, keyboard or mouse or touch screen.  It simply connect through network and allows multiple users to connect and submit jobs for processing.  It can be interactive but only through network. 

In Client server it does not do any processing, it simply do processing related to console, keyboard, mouse, touch screens only. It submits any executable to run in process-server os. 

I name these two oses as IOTpos (Internet of things process operating system)    IOTcos (Internet of things client operating system).

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