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Sep 14, 2009, 10:00:20 AM9/14/09
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In my opinion, something SAYS something. A token, no matter how small,
means so much! Even Equity recognizes that some theatres CAN'T pay
what our work and time are worth. When I was living in NYC, we were
allowed to do Equity "showcases" using Equity actors. I don't remember
how much it was, but I am thinking it worked out to like $5 a week or
so - we called it "car fare" as it covered subway cost to and from the
theatre, and back then, maybe even a cup of coffee (this was the late
90s, before MTA got $$$).

I have always tried to pay SOMETHING - sure I LOVE doing it...and do
it for free all the time, but as a director and sometimes producer, it
is always so nice to be able to give an actor or designer some tiny

just my opinion....

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Nov 12, 2009, 12:16:55 PM11/12/09
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The "custom" of paying everyone associated with a production a salary
(stage manager, lighting person, costumes, etc.) and ignoring the
actors has grown throughout the country. As if actors do it for their
art and all the others need to eat. There is a way to stop it, but it
requires a type of rebellion on the part of actors. Tell 'em NO. You
may lose a few jobs, but in the end if enough people do it, there will
finally be a little "equity" in the hiring system. I've managed
theaters, been an AD, a theater business manager and an actor for over
47 years. Never worked in a theater or a film that couldn't afford to
pay something. It's bull.
Thanks for the discussion forum, Bill.

Doug Mitchell

On Sep 14, 7:19 am, Barbara Glover <> wrote:
> If you have no budget to pay actors and you want to use professionals, members of an actors union, SAG, EQUITY or AFTRA, the producers need to at least have an Actors Benefit Performance where they can invite all their peeps and make something.  It's just disrespectful not to offer and pay something for one's time and experience.  That's my 2 cents.  My feeling is if you are going to make money off me and my talent you need to pay me unless I have made the decision to do a fund raiser for something I believe in like the Vagina Monologues or helping out new writers at OPP, and they pay a stipend.
> Barbara
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