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Sep 22, 2010, 11:48:59 PM9/22/10


sai krishna wants you to try MagicBid!

This email was sent to you by sai who's already found some amazing deals at, the incredible auction site where you'll find unbelievable bargains! Hi check this out

To Visit MagicBid, Simply click on the link below:

What Is MagicBid?
MagicBid is a revolutionary new style of live-bidding auctions on the internet! On MagicBid you'll find high-end products at phenomenal prices. You can get incredible deals at 90% or better every single day.

How MagicBid Works:
Each bid costs just Rs 15. Bids are available in Bid Packs of 20, 40, 60, 80, 160, 320 and 500 bids. These bids are pre-paid and placed in your Bids Account. Each time you place a bid, one bid is deducted from your Bids Account, and a maximum of 15 seconds is added to the timer each time someone bids. This gives enough time for someone else to make the decision to bid if they're interested. This is similar to the �Going Once...Twice...SOLD� approach of auctions.

If you are the top bidder when the timer reaches zero, you win! You then pay the ending auction price plus shipping. If you do not win, you lose your bids that have been placed; however, we offer on most auctions a "Buy it Now" feature! This feature allows you to put the money spent in bids on the item towards buying the item.

Visit and take a look at the amazing deals.

Enjoy the Auctions!


MagicBid Staff

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