Trouble with Extractisotopedata for multiple species and sites

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Gemma Galbraith

Dec 8, 2020, 12:10:23 AM12/8/20
to tRophicPosition
Dear Professor Quezada-Romegialli,

I am having some trouble with the extractisotope data function, similar to several other posts in the group but am yet to find a solution.

I can follow both the Lakes and Bilagay examples and codes with no trouble, only when I come to my data things don't seem to work.

I have structured my data (fish) in the same way as the examples and can plot the food web biplot with the ScreenFoodweb function. This tells my that my data are working for this ok.

When it comes to extract the isotope data however, I get an empty list object. If I remove the groupsColumn arguement, I do get a list object but there are values missing for baselines.

Any help on this would be hugely apriciated or if anyone else in the group conversations has found a solution?

Attached are some screen shots but I am also happy to send my data if required.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Gemma Galbraith | PhD Candidate
Marine Conservation Ecology Lab
College of Science and Engineering &
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
James Cook University
Townsville, QLD 4811 Australia

P: (+61) (0)432 164 723


Jul 29, 2021, 12:17:06 AMJul 29
to tRophicPosition


I am also in the same boat, so looking for a similar solution :)
Did you get one Gemma?

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