September 6,

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William Zambrano MD

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September 6, 2023           

(Eph 5:31-33)  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother: and shall cleave to his wife. And they shall be two in one flesh. This is a great sacrament: but I speak in Christ and in the church. Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular love for his wife as himself: And let the wife fear her husband.

BLOGWhy Catholics must promote traditional gender roles in marriage

CATHOLIC ANSWERSWives Be Subject to Your Husbands

ELEISON COMMENTSWomen in Scripture

Of multiple treasure God is the infinite hoarder,
But man would replace God with man’s own disorder.

The feminisation of men and masculinisation of women, so widespread in today’s poor world, is such a universal and radical upheaval for human nature that it would take many issues of these one-page “Comments” to do it justice. However, the propaganda in favour of this particular war on human beings is so heavy all around us that common sense needs all the help that it can get, and perhaps at least one more issue of these “Comments,” to help readers to frame the problem as it needs to be framed – in God.

For indeed, as a number of readers may already have understood, here is the most important point of all to decipher how a whole world can fall into such madness as feminism and anti-masculinism. If God exists and if it is He who designed all creatures, spiritual and material, then of course He designed human beings as man and woman to live on earth like all other material animals, male and female, but with a spiritual soul, with reason and free-will, unlike all the purely material animals, so that he and she alike could respond to His creative love and deserve to share in His eternal bliss. Human beings are meant for eternity, no less.

Thus before God, man and woman have an equal destiny in Heaven and an equal spiritual dignity, but, for our brief life on earth, God has appointed not equality between man and woman but complementary roles, to create families, which are little societies, which require not equality but a head, with authority to lead and decide for all the family. And gifts of the head He gives in general to men, while women He usually compensates with gifts of the heart, by which to spread love and happiness throughout the family. Thus an earthly and temporary inequality for women is meant to lead to an eternal equality in Heaven.

But imagine now that human beings on a worldwide scale cut God out of their lives. There is no more Creator, no more Designer of human life and nature, no more eternity or eternal life. We are the random products of an “Evolution” which could not care less as far as design, destiny, eternity are concerned. Now mankind learned from Christ, through Christendom, all about the dignity and equality of all men, and this heritage gave human beings a keen sense of their own worth. That much they enjoyed, and they do not want to let it go. But without God, it no longer has any backing from the past or guarantee for the future. Therefore an equality of divine dimension must be crammed into this little life of human dimension, into which it cannot fit, any more than a quart of liquid will fit into a pint bottle. Hence, in all kinds of ways, the dissatisfaction of modern life. Godless people, but formerly godly, want the fruits of God without the roots. It cannot work. It will not work. But human beings insist on trying to make it work, rather than, by returning to God, live this life on God’s terms instead of their own. In fact they are choosing Hell, and they are turning this world into a vestibule of Hell.

Here is a strong argument for the existence of God. If cutting Him out, as mankind is doing today, could make everybody abidingly happy and prosperous, that might confirm that man neither comes from God or is meant to go to Him. On the contrary, if men today are deep down restless and dissatisfied, as indicated by their politicians continually promising change in one form or other, but always change, is that not an indication that men are not meant just for liberalism and materialism, or for liberty from the Ten Commandments and for the unchecked pursuit of money? If men could make liberalism and materialism succeed, that is when we would have to despair of human life. As it is, we have a natural sense that there must be more to human life than just what is “nasty, poor, brutish and short” (in the words of Thomas Hobbes, 1588–1679), and so the despairing condition of men all around us is even a sign of hope!

The feminists and anti-masculinists are visceral warriors in the great war on God. But they will not win!

The Desert Fathers: sayings of the Early Christian Monks: Discretion

17. "Daniel said, 'If the body is strong, the soul weakens.  If the body weakens, the soul is strong.'  He also said, 'If the body is prosperous, the soul grows lean; if the body is lean, the soul grows prosperous'."

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