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Pete Soper

Apr 19, 2013, 2:53:42 PM4/19/13
to,, Splat Space
(This is about the recent conversation to do with TechShop/RDU's demise and it's impact on a handful of area groups. If you have no interest in this, sorry for the distraction.)

OK, either my email has thrown a rod or there has been a deep trough in traffic related to the collapse of TechShop. I suspect everybody is in the same boat as me, which is to say apart from the intense pressure our work commitments have on us trying to figure out which way is up with respect to the TechShop situation, what could/needs to/will happen next, etc, and how fate could be delivering this on top of friends/loved ones/fellow Americans being blown up and locked down.  In any case, I'm writing for two reasons.

First, if you you come to Splat Space tomorrow afternoon from 2pm onwards (to at least 6pm) there will be people interested in following up on the recent email conversations. There is a quiet conference room (and area restaurants) for focused discussions to go along with the usual format.

There is something else happening earlier but I suggest we NOT create noise during that event. Also, Murphy is alive as I saw a reference to "the TechShop wake" but I don't have any details to go along with my sympathy and frustration. Hopefully notes could be taken and shared to give us a clue about what happened.

(Although I'm on the Splat Space board of directors, if there was a neutral, practical place to point folks to with respect to this weeks' issues, I'd be promoting that very heavily.  Talk about a chicken and egg situation...)

Second, those of you in "the group associated with" may have been expecting closure on the effort to pick a name with a more appropriate scope. But I think it would be silly to put up a list of names and conduct a vote to establish a domain for this when there are proposals for coordination with the area robotics group and/or formation of some or many other organizations to fill the voids left by TechShop.  I personally think it would be unwise to press for closure on a fuzzy, moving target. This, plus extreme work pressure have kept me silent this week.

Best Regards,

Pete Soper

Apr 19, 2013, 5:04:54 PM4/19/13
to Splat Space, Triangle Arduino,
Rick Richardson wrote:

On 04/19/2013 04:30 PM, Rick Richardson wrote:


Can you tell me about the recent TAR email conversations?  I have some, but it mainly seems to be about TS shutting down.

I am also thinking about attending a 5 pm meeting at the Brewery near the current techshop to discuss if we can get together and provide some limited services.  Have you heard anything like this?


Forgive me for sharing this back to all the lists, but it's important for folks to know that a lot of mail on various subsets of these three lists was sent out by folks who may have assumed everybody was being included. But if you weren't subscribed to all three it would naturally be very confusing. (Not that it wasn't confusing anyway, and not that we think for a second there wasn't a lot of traffic on other lists, etc).

OK, so the "TechShop wake" is at Roth Brewery starting at 5pm, so the sooner we leave Splat Space tomorrow the sooner we can chat with you and others.

The new expressway system makes the route from Splat Space to TechShop/Roth a 25 minute drive.


Don Carrick

Apr 19, 2013, 5:23:10 PM4/19/13

Many good points there, Pete.  TechShop's closing is a life altering event for me as I was heavily commited financially and had high expectations and long range plans centered on them.  Shame on me.  Thought I was supporting something that would endure and I put my resources upfront.  Anger probably precludes clear thinking right now, but I am rethinking life goals.

Unfortunately, I am obligated all day Saturday and I will not be present for some of the activities that are of great interest to me.

I am trying to follow the stream of emails and will talk with you individually later.

ps:  This is coming from my cell phone. Please pardon the brevity & typos.  Thnx.

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Scott Hall

Apr 20, 2013, 10:59:08 AM4/20/13
On 04/19/2013 05:04 PM, Pete Soper wrote:
> OK, so the "TechShop wake" is at Roth Brewery
> <,+Triangle+Drive,+Raleigh,+NC&hl=en&sll=35.170517,-79.860994&sspn=6.329151,11.722412&oq=roth+brewe&t=h&hq=Roth+Brewing+Company,+Triangle+Drive,+Raleigh,+NC&z=15>
> starting at 5pm, so the sooner we leave Splat Space tomorrow the sooner we can
> chat with you and others.
> The new expressway system makes the route from Splat Space to TechShop/Roth a
> 25 minute drive.

I actually find the older route still the best ...
I take 147 south to Alexander, then that to US-70.

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA

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