Traditional vs social media 2.0 Reply-to semantics

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Pete Soper

May 28, 2013, 12:46:36 AM5/28/13
My inclination is to configure the new email list such that a person
can use the "reply" and "reply/all" and/or "reply/list" email client
controls that have been around forever, vs having the list rewrite
headers such that virtually any response by a client results in a msg to
the entire list vs the poster of the message in question. That is, I
propose we reject "msg header reply-to munging" and preserve the
relevance of the two reply functions in all modern email clients.
Beyond this, I think we just need to be aware that if dingbats get
subscribed they can spam the list, so allowing folks to subscribe
themselves is not wise and a handful of moderators will be ready to set
up the vast majority of newcomers while filtering the others.
Unfortunately, there isn't any way to say we'll be immune to not just
SPAM but very objectionable content as a special case, much like what
happens when there is a mixup in media content in the mails. I know I
speak for everybody involved when I say we'll do our best to keep this
list appropriate for the broadest age groups.
I propose Justis Peters and I as list admins, with an invitation for
an understudy familiar with GNU Mailman who can help us stay sharp and
deal with the situations where we're both out of the picture at the same
time. (I'll be in the Colorado Rockies in July, for example).
List admin focuses on the configuration and settings of the list
itself, especially in special situations.
For moderation the active Google groupers were Justin, Scott Hall,
and I. Paul MacDougal has graciously agreed to help with this and others
are especially welcome.
Moderation is to do with handling subscription requests and inviting
people to subscribe, handling the very rare situation where we just
subscribed a spam-spewing maniac and have to squelch that, handling
too-large messages , etc.

If others are interested in either role please contact and
I'll forward msgs to the other parties as I get the forwarders
configured, etc.

The goal is to cut over to the new list tomorrow if the admins and
moderators are comfortable.

Best Regards,
PS This is orthongonal to "web presence", and I suspect we'll be
delighted to have Ron Craig work on that aspect once we have the basic
infrastructure in place.

919 270 9433

Shannon Code

May 28, 2013, 1:05:03 AM5/28/13
to, Pete Soper, Ron Craig
I'd like to also add to the web presence. My thoughts were maintaining a portfolio or showcase of our projects, I know we have some cool ones and it would be great to have them all in one place. I could photograph final projects, help add content supplied like walkthrough a or journals, wips or whatever. 

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