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Welcome to the "trianglearduino" Google Group. an informal, evolving group of embedded computing enthusiasts in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of NC interested in embedded systems in general and single board computers in particular such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the TI Launchpad. This group is for questions, discussions, and announcements related to embedded computing.

NOTE: The monthly "2nd Monday night" meeting at TechShop is no more, as TechShop is no more. Arrangements have almost been completed to resume meetings on 2nd Mondays at NCSU. Details will be shared on the list.

There is currently one monthly meeting:
  • Every third Saturday afternoon of the month at Splat Space in Durham at 2pm to 4-6pm. A release is only needed for Splat Space membership, but be sure to grab only the cold end of any soldering irons you see there and keep your hands in your pockets around the other tools! Children must be kept close to a parent at all times. Splat Space is located here. The phone number 919 704-4225 or an alternative for a specific meeting will be posted at the building doors: just call and somebody will immediately answer and let you in (if it's busy it means somebody's calling from the front and back at the same time!). Scott Hall or another Splat Space member leads this meeting.