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Vijayraj India

Dec 2, 2019, 12:38:31 AM12/2/19
Drinkers & feeders count and placement plays a very important role in chicken farming. If you do not give them necessary feeders and drinkers then they can remain thirsty and hungry. And that's why your bird's growth cannot be proper. For 50 chickens you need to install 1 feeder and 1 drinker. If you have 1000 chicken farm you should need 20 drinkers and 20 feeders. So arrange them in rows. 1st row, you should install 7 drinkers and in 2nd row, you can install 7 feeders and in 3rd row 6 drinkers, 4th row 6 feeders, 5th row 7 drinkers and in the last 6th row you can install 7 feeders. By this arrangement, your chicken will take necessary feed and water, and it will help your chicken for better growth. For details call us: +918125169690.
Source: https://vijayrajindia.com/products/automatic-pan-feeding
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