Trellis release 0.8.2

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Aaron Coburn

May 11, 2019, 6:10:32 PM5/11/19
Hi All,
Trellis version 0.8.2 is now available. This is a patch release in the 0.8 series, in which the only significant change is that notifications now list all LDP types for a given resource.

In the case of a Delete event, rather than listing only ldp:Resource, the event notification will include all relevant subtypes (e.g. ldp:RDFSource, ldp:BasicContainer). For other event types, rather than including only the most specific LDP type, now all supertypes are included.

Corresponding releases for the database persistence layer (trellis-ext-db/0.2.2) and the AWS-based Trellis (trellis-ext-aws/0.1.2) have also been published.

Docker containers with the latest release are available on Docker Hub and can be fetched with:

    docker pull trellisldp/trellis:0.8.2

or (for the database persistence):

    docker pull trellisldp/trellis-ext-db:0.2.2

More information about downloading Trellis is available at:

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