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Aaron Coburn

Mar 4, 2020, 8:51:04 AM3/4/20
Hi All,
I had mentioned last week that I would be hosting a periodic, informational meeting about Trellis. That will take place today, March 4, at 11AM EST (16:00 GMT). You can join using this link:

Best regards,


Martin Sansone

Mar 4, 2020, 9:43:40 AM3/4/20
Hi Aaron,
Thank you for letting me know. 5pm GMT would have been perfect for me in Scotland this week - but no worries.
I am certainly interested in your progress with Trellis. Can you sound record it & make it available to me?
or maybe a note on what's covered?


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Aaron Coburn

Mar 4, 2020, 11:50:52 AM3/4/20
Hi Martin,
We don't have a recording of the meeting since the meeting service I used wasn't set up to do that. For next month's meeting, however, I will make sure we can record these.

The topics covered included:

1. Some of the new features of version 0.10. For instance, being able to disable memento versioning, which, if you don't need this feature, can make Trellis considerably faster.

2. Revamping how HTTP OPTIONS requests are handled. In the context of CORS, browser-based clients require that OPTIONS requests are independent of any authZ rules, which means (a) not returning 4xx errors on non-existent or non-accessible resources for OPTIONS and (b) once 2xx responses are returned, ensuring that OPTIONS can't be used to probe a server for information. In practice, this just means removing/simplifying code in the Trellis codebase.

3. Improving CI automation. We have used TravisCI and Appveyor (for Windows) for many years, but these have increasingly become a bottleneck for CI builds. The Windows-based builds have now all be moved to GitHub Actions, which (a) execute faster and (b) allow for much higher levels of concurrency, and I have been incrementally moving the rest of the TravisCI jobs to GitHub Actions. There is some more to do on this, but it will happen as time allows. We are also using Azure Pipelines for the main Trellis repository, which I have also been happy with thus far.

4. Better support for resource metadata. There is currently some existing code to allow for system runtimes to support arbitrary metadata on resources. ACL metadata is just one example, but this could include SHACL constraints, configuration metadata, or anything else. This is something that will be more fully built-out in the coming weeks.

5. Greg has been setting up/conducting performance tests on the Cassandra-based environment. There is not much to report yet, but that is moving along.


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