Trellis 0.12.0 Release

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Aaron Coburn

May 26, 2020, 1:59:08 PM5/26/20

I am pleased to announce the release of Trellis 0.12.0. The deployable Trellis application can be downloaded from or from Docker Hub:

Some of the highlights of this release include:

* JDBC persistence layer moved from extension modules into Trellis core
* Improved support for Quarkus-based applications

In addition, there has been a considerable amount of internal refactoring to align better with JavaEE APIs and to simplify the naming conventions for the various published artifacts.

For anyone using the Trellis Docker containers, the following changes have been made:

* The trellisldp/trellis-ext-db container has been merged with trellisldp/trellis. That container now supports both Triplestore and JDBC persistence layers. This container is based on the Dropwizard platform, and the configuration for that is the same as before.

* The trellisldp/trellis-database container has been renamed to trellisldp/trellis-postgresql. As its name implies, it supports only PostgreSQL-based connections

* Sample docker-compose configurations for these various containers can be found at

For anyone who is extending Trellis in a downstream application, the following artifacts have changed:

org.trellisldp.ext:trellis-db => org.trellisldp:trellis-jdbc
org.trellisldp:trellis-namespaces => org.trellisldp:namespace
org.trellisldp:treiils-io-jena => org.trellisldp:trellis-jena
org.trellisldp:trellis-constraint-rules => org.trellisldp:trellis-constraint
org.trellisldp:trellis-auth-oauth => org.trellisldp:trellis-oauth
org.trellisldp:trellis-auth-jwt => org.trellisldp:trellis-jwt

A full list of the tickets associated with this release can be found at

As always, feel free to ask questions on this forum or open issues in the repository.


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