Papers written with the TREC-CAR dataset?

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Laura Dietz

Feb 3, 2021, 7:37:50 PMFeb 3
Dear TREC CAR participants!

I am working on an overview article that discusses research conducted
using the TREC CAR benchmark.

For that I am looking for papers that used/compared on any of the the
TREC CAR benchmarks, such as years 1,2,3, passage or entity, or any
further derived benchmark. 

I am not looking for papers on CAsT (which uses the CAR corpus). And I
am not looking for papers using TREC NEWS (which uses the CAR knowledge
base/Wikipedia dump).

I am aware of the work by Sean McAveney's,  Rodrigo Nogeira, Zhuyun Dai,
Zeynep Akkalyoncu, Omar Khattab, and Yi Luan, but I want to make sure I
am not missing anything.

If you have a paper published, or accepted that I should know of, please
send me an email!


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