benchmarkY3train/test topics released

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Laura Dietz

Jun 19, 2019, 10:21:51 AM6/19/19
Dear TREC CAR fans,

the data for benchmarkY3 is released, see

We will use the same paragraphCorpus and knowledge base
(allButBenchmark) as last year.  (I.e., no need to re-index the collection.)

Year 3 topics are solely taken from the TQA corpus. This means: you are
NOT allowed to use the TQA corpus for training or testing -- other than
the gold articles provided in benchmarkY3train.

On the upside: All Wikipedia sources ARE ALLOWED! (This includes
searches and lookups against Wikipedia, knowledge bases build from
Wikipedia, pre-trained embeddings, etc (e.g. BERT).

Notice that the task definition has changed. In Y3 you will not submit
rankings, but articles (sequence of paragraphs).  In the coming days, we
will release more support tools.

The submission deadline is August 1st. (cannot be extended)

Please ask any questions you have!

(Language bindings from previous years can be used as-is -- to avoid the
version warning, please bump your trec-car-tools-version  to java  17 /
python v2.3.)



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