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>27th May 2011
>To: Press Release List, Parry People Movers Ltd
>From: John Parry, Parry People Movers Ltd
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>Subject: Parry People Movers Press Release- Sir Roy McNulty's Report
>Dear Sir or Madam,
>Please find attached our latest press release (text copied in below)
>as a pdf file with accompanying jpg image. The press release covers
>our response to the McNulty report, which from the perspective of
>regional railways in the UK, we feel to be perceptive and timely.
>Press release text:
>Parry People Movers' lightweight rail technology, successfully
>introduced into full passenger service in 2009, has proved itself to
>be fully in line with the proposals for Britain's regional rail
>system contained in Sir Roy McNulty's report which was published on
>19th May. The report, entitled 'Realising the Potential of GB Rail'
>outlines a number of ways in which the overall cost of providing
>train services can be reduced. However, the aim is firmly to retain
>and enhance services for passengers and freight users - not to take
>the 'easy option' of cutting services and closing lines.
>The conclusion must be that railways should be operated in the most
>efficient way possible, which includes taking account of the
>fundamental differences between heavily-used commuter services,
>high-speed inter-city services and more local trains that provide
>essential transport links for many people around the country.
>Emphasising this differentiation, the McNulty report includes an
>entire section entitled 'The lower-cost regional railway', with
>recommendations for maintaining services while reducing costs. Key
>to cost-reduction is practical recognition of the potential for
>different operation and engineering approaches for lines that
>combine the features of relatively low speed and relatively low
>passenger numbers. Suggestions include the use of different
>standards, lighter rolling stock and new approaches to operation on
>suitable lines.
>This contention is not based upon just a theory, a model of this
>approach can already be seen - and is used by half a million
>passengers annually. For the past two years, rail services on the
>short branch line between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town
>have used lightweight Parry People Movers railcars which have
>reduced operating costs by half and cut carbon emissions by
>two-thirds. While part of the London Midland franchise, operation
>of these railcars is undertaken in a way that is entirely
>appropriate to the branch line, and all maintenance is carried out
>locally at the Junction station so they never need to be away from
>the route. Each railcar weighs just a quarter of the heavy diesel
>trains that used to provide the same service (albeit less frequently
>and considerably more noisily than now), giving a benefit in reduced
>damage to the track, leading to lower maintenance costs.
>The railcars are kept running by a specially created subcontractor
>to London Midland, Pre Metro Operations Ltd, operating with
>procedures which are appropriate to the simple, low risk nature of a
>short branch line operation.
>If normal rail standards had been applied, the same service today
>would cost much more, be noisier and more polluting, would run less
>frequently and be less popular with passengers.
>Reliability and punctuality of the Stourbridge Town service has
>consistently been better than industry norms: In the most recent
>full operating year passengers have experienced almost 100 percent
>dependability including during periods of extreme winter weather,
>seen as a remarkable achievement by industry experts.
>The McNulty report exposes the need for pilot projects to confirm
>the cost saving potential for a lightweight, less complex approach
>to short line passenger services. By building on the success of the
>Stourbridge Model and extending Parry People Mover services on to
>adjacent freight lines, the industry will create a template to be
>used for wider replication.
>The Chairman of Parry People Movers Ltd, John Parry MBE, welcomed
>the McNulty report as perceptive and timely. It is excellent to have
>it confirmed from such an authoritative source that a rail
>technology need not be big and complicated to be effective, and that
>being fit for purpose is a sounder principle than one size fits all.
>If you need any further details please do not hesitate to contact us.
>Best regards,
>Parry People Movers Ltd
>Overend Road, Cradley Heath,
>West Midlands, B64 7DD, UK
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