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Welcome to the Transparent Statistics in HCI mailing list!

Transparent statistics is a philosophy of statistical reporting whose purpose is scientific advancement rather than persuasion. We ran a SIG at CHI 2016 to discuss problems and limitations in statistical practices in HCI and options for moving the field towards clearer and more reliable ways of writing about experiments. This list aims to continue that conversation, including proposing concrete steps for making changes to existing practice.

More info on the SIG is available here:

Our next step is to draft a proposal for how to advance transparent statistical communication within HCI. We have shared a Google Drive with this list ( that contains several documents towards that end. So long as you use the same Google account you have associated with this Google Group to access the drive, you should have edit access to all documents in the drive. If you wish to add a different account to the drive, do not hesitate to request access, and we will grant requests as soon as we see them. 

See the READ ME file in that Drive for an overview of the documents. We have written introductions to the documents in order to help frame the conversation, but have left many parts of the rest of the documents in various stages of completeness. We need your help! Do not hesitate to dive into either document and write/edit. Comments within the documents are also helpful, though we think that substantive conversations are probably better conducted on the mailing list (too many comments on a Google doc can get unwieldy).

Thanks again for the overwhelming response!