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Gary Berg-Cross

May 23, 2011, 8:40:41 AM5/23/11
Posted a small blog called Transparency &  TCamp2011: Shining a Little Light on Secular Perspectves:           
Gary Berg-Cross
On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 6:08 PM, <> wrote:


    Dennis skey <> May 03 01:07PM -0700 ^
    Were the session videos archived? If so where?


    Laurenellen McCann <> May 03 01:46PM -0700 ^
    Great question, Dennis!
    We archived about 18 sessions from the Camp. (Only so many cameras...)
    They'll all be posted online over the course of this week and early
    next -- as fast as our awesome multimedia team is able. As sessions
    are posted online (YouTube..), we'll be sharing them with this group
    and on the TCamp wiki.
    Speaking of which, some of you have noted that the wiki is currently
    locked. You're not crazy: we locked the wiki post Camp to take some
    time to secure the content. We'll be unlocking the wiki within the
    next few days and updating the content for each of the sessions. If
    you're burning to send in some information to populate your session(s)
    on the wiki, feel free to email me directly -- -- otherwise, hang onto your links &
    content and get ready to post before the week is out.
    Thanks for everyone's patience with us! The Sunlight staff needed some
    time to recuperate, but with some sleep under our belts, we're back in
    action and will be following up with attendees and other interested
    folks asap!
    Sunlight Organizer


    Dennis skey <> May 03 12:42PM -0700 ^
    Someone mentioned that Youtube gave NY state an account that allowed
    them to send videos longer then the 20 minutes.
    Question: What is the process/procedure for obtaining a gov't acct?
    Question: What are the rules, entitlements,etc?


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