i subscribed through your paypal payment buttonbut the membership doesnt work

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Ehsan ehs

Apr 14, 2021, 10:36:27 AM4/14/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on
i have the Billing ID from paypal 
and in paypal shows Status ACTIVE. for Tigran Sargsyan

but this the message i get when i to translate 

You have used the quota included in your free trial subscription.

You can purchase Pro membership to get more quota

we all have alot of work to do, we want to use your plugin to save time , so i hope i get a proper answer as soon as possible 


Apr 15, 2021, 5:13:54 AM4/15/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on

You are using a trial subscription of the Translate add-on, which has a lower monthly limit than the actual paid subscription.
You have reached that limit. While on the trial, you can still use the add-on with daily free quota. If you would like to raise the limit, you can purchase the actual paid membership, which has a higher quota limit than the trial version.
The paid quota should be enough for most users. If you exceed it too, please contact me. You have to understand that I am paying Google based on the number of characters used. I am gathering usage statistics to see how I can improve the add-on and make the quota high enough to satisfy as many users as possible not causing financial losses for me at the same time.

Thank you for using my add-on. ❤


Ehsan ehs

Apr 15, 2021, 6:13:16 AM4/15/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on
what is the character  or word limit that you set on the paid version 
give us a rough idea so we know what we are going to pay for 

most users had the same question i read all their questions, it seems like everybody exceeding the quota even on the paid version 

so please can you clarify for me and everybody else on the paid version (not the trial version) what is the limit

and the second question that i have is:
i don't see the option to pay for the full version 
now on my Paypal, it shows a subscription from you which is still on a trial period 
on your website  when i click on the purchase button to buy the pro version it takes me to Paypal to pay again for the same subscription 
could you please clarify this, and explain in detail how can we buy the pro version 

I'm sure if you spend some time and answer my questions in details, other customers can see it too, and it will help everybody else to purchase your add on with ease and confidence 
Thank you for your time 

Ehsan ehs

Apr 15, 2021, 6:24:17 AM4/15/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on
i have cancelled the trial version 
how can i pay for the pro version without the trial 
and what is the wordcount or character or cell limit for pro paid version 

hopefully i get an answer from you soon 


Apr 16, 2021, 11:56:03 AM4/16/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on

I am sorry for late reply.

Nobody complained about exceeding the quota on paid version so far. Only users on the free trial have complained. I will certainly think what I can do about it anyway.

You are currently on a trial.
I deactivated your subscription in the add-on so that you can purchase the paid pro version immediately if you whish so, without waiting for your trial period to end. Please cancel your trial on PayPal (so that you don't end up with two subscriptions), then go to the site and purchase the paid PRO version.

The current limits inside the add-on are:
At least 100 000 characters in a month for trial subscription,
At least 400 000 characters in a month for paid subscription.
The actual values are somewhat higher thanks to the free quota from Google.
These limits may be changed in the future, depending on users' needs.

If you have any other questions, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you 

Muhammet M. Turan

Jul 28, 2021, 6:18:54 AM7/28/21
to Translate - Google Spreadsheets Add-on
Hi i have same problem coluld you check pls

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