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lonnie caldwell

Feb 2, 2011, 4:30:50 PM2/2/11
to TLC Members
Hi folks 

I would like to start off by apologizing for the emails that made it to the "google groups" email list and thus into your mailboxes that may have not been appropriate for the group at large to be inundated with. Please be assured that we respect your privacy and do not flood your boxes with unnecessary mail intentionally. It would help us if any time this happens you would bring it to the offending parties attention immediately. (Thank You again Lisa!).  We are trying to workout the bugs and misunderstandings that lead to these incidents, but as some of you who use Google or gmail accounts know, it is quite easy to send your entire life to the world without realizing you have done so. I know most of us don't need to be told this, but airing your personal dirty laundry or religious/political beliefs on the Google groups list is really not advisable for many reasons, not the least of which, is most people don't need the extra mail or the drama involved. I was unwittingly a major offender on this level recently and again I apologize.  

I am soliciting information on any and all "TLC" related events for the month's of Feb. and March. We need to establish deadlines for posting so that we are able to get your events etc. onto the Calender and KPFZ, PEG Channel 8, The newspapers etc. as well as getting fliers out to folks who can post these in public locations where they live and work.

I think 10 days in advance is probably the least amount of time we need, so let's say events for dates from the 1st to the 15th of any given month needs to be in by the 20th of the month previous and dates from the 15th to the 30th/31st of the month we need to hear about by the 5th of the month in which the event is being held. Of course this is a "Rule-of-thumb", but basically the 10 days prior is the main thing. The more time we have the more promotion we can get for you...

Working group leaders: please keep me apprised of any working group meetings you have scheduled as well as events, workshops etc. I have placed several events on the Google Calender and left them "Open" for editing in case I have some details incorrect. Thank you to those who have made their own fliers and sent them out, we will forward this when appropriate and ask that anyone who gets these please print copies and post them where they will get attention.

Please be respectful and do not put them on people's cars or in places that create "litter" situations.

I am not sure how the Google calender is set up exactly...Karen can anyone post events to the calender or do they need special authorization? Having folks do their own calender postings would take some of the pressure off of the "communication" team.

Your effort, creativity, and willingness to work with each other is a credit to Lake County and the human race as a whole! I am proud to tell people I work with TLC and the greatest group of folks on the planet! Keep on truckin!

To another order of business...

I spoke to Lanny with the Little Lake Grange in Willits and he was telling me that they are establishing a communications network to function in the event of power failures or some other event that would leave us unable to relay information. 

One of the solutions they are currently exploring, is something called LPFM (Low power FM) similar to the old school CB (citizen's Band) radios. The difference being that LPFM is much stronger and reliable and has a range of approximately 5 miles give or take, depending on ground features and natural interference. The cost per unit is comparable with CB technology and stations could be set every 4 miles or so throughout the county creating a net that would overlap and give us access to every part of the county via LPFM. From there it would be a matter of a "phone tree" type scenario that would be tailored to the area in which you live. Perhaps you have the LPFM station and you get the info that we need to get everyone together at the community gathering spot. (Grange Hall, Church, VFW etc.) so you go to 3 neighbors that you have agreed to notify and tell them the info. They in turn notify 3 neighbors each who notify 3 neighbors each, and well you get the idea.

Also if you know if any H.A.M. stations in the area we would like to know who they are so we can ask them to help us put this together. H.A.M, stations are the go-to guys for world information in the event of a catastrophic event that severs communications with the rest of the world. with the LPFM system in addition to the H.A.M. system we could stay pretty well fluid.

If you have ideas that you feel would be better or would improve this concept we would like to hear them.

Thank you for your time and attention.  


Love is not what you want, it is what you are. It is very important to not get these two confused. If you think that love is what you want, you will go searching for it all over the place. If you think love is what you are, you will go sharing it all over the place. The second approach will cause you to find what the searching will never reveal. Yet you cannot give love in order to get it. Doing that is as much as saying you do not now have it. And that statement will, of course, be your reality. No, you must give love because you have it to give. In this will you experience your own possession of it. 

Snow Ranch

Feb 2, 2011, 8:56:19 PM2/2/11
to transition...@googlegroups.com
Awe, Lonnie.  Don't sweat it.   If you have to apologize so much, chances are you're dealing with mostly a bunch of sniveling, greenie commies and touchey-feeley, overly-sensitive, politically-correct, goo goo, nazi Liberals who whine like hell if you don't march in goose step with them.  No interest in that here or polite company. 
Take care and feel free to remove me also from the list anytime.  A bit too much drama, song & dance, talk, and tears.   If they ever get around to actually DOING something interesting that isn't halfway Marxist, lemme know.  But, you can keep your sniveling eye rollers and red diaper babies. :-P  Got no use for them. :-)

lonnie caldwell

Feb 3, 2011, 1:35:09 AM2/3/11
to transition...@googlegroups.com
As you wish Stan. 
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