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lonnie caldwell

Jan 31, 2011, 7:13:20 PM1/31/11
to TLC Members
Hi folks,

Just a short note this evening to make you aware that we have formed a group and joined the East Lake Grange in Clear Lake Oaks 12982 Hwy.20. Right next to the Elementary School.
To be clear the way this is being handled at this juncture, is that 16 active TLC "members" joined the California State Grange Assoc. as citizens of Lake County. NOT as TLC members. It is a fine line I suppose but just to be clear, The two entities are mutually exclusive. 
We elected interim officers yesterday while Bob was here (Bob McFarland California State Grange President.) and we are holding our first official meeting this evening at 7PM at the Hall in Clear Lake Oaks. (Monday 1/31/11)
We would like to extend an invitation to you to join us. Some of the items we intend to address this evening are: A proposal to adopt the Transition Principles and discuss TLC's level of involvement/support of the Grange. (Willits Transition initiative is housed and operated by The Little Valley Grange) it is our hope that this will be replicated around Lake Co. in the Granges here as well.
We were approached yesterday by a group in Clear Lake Oaks that would like to use the Hall for an after-school program and are willing to pay rent, we agreed to reconvene this evening to discuss that. However, we know there are other community groups who would like to use this Hall as well, to include LCCC. So we would like to hear from all of the interested parties before we give these folks an answer.

Also There is much work to be done before we can open the Hall for use to the public, mostly clean up and minor repair type things; so we will be forming committees and work groups to accomplish this.

if you have questions concerning the Grange Organization itself, please go to and peruse the site. We have membership applications and will be inducting new members tonight. I believe the $3.00 enrollment application fee is being waived and there are no "dues" being collected until we decide what that cost will be. I am guessing in the area of $40.00 a year per member, with a maximum of $80.00 for a "family" membership.

We are in immediate need of persons who would like to serve as Secretary and Treasurer and that will be on the table tonight as well.

It is the intention of the newly formed "East Lake Grange" to make this Hall available to anyone who would like to use it in as much as we are able to accommodate each group or party. We have high hopes for this site and look forward to making Lake Co. even more self-sustaining and equipped to handle whatever tomorrow brings us.

With respect


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