Can same trip_id be repeated in frequencies.txt

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Nikhil VJ

Mar 26, 2019, 10:42:13 AM3/26/19
to Transit Developers
Hi Folks,

Question regarding trip_id's and frequencies.txt :

There is a case of multiple off-peak and on-peak time periods for a route with corresponding frequencies. To illustrate:

6am to 8am : off-peak
8am to 10am: on-peak
10am to 6pm: off-peak
6pm to 8pm: on-peak
8pm to 12am: off-peak

Why I'm asking this :
Everything else is the same! Having to use multiple trip_id's for on and off peak periods leads to having to provision that many multiples of rows in stop_times when the sequence of stops is the same and we're using the same arrival/departure time values (starting from 00:00:00) merely to tell time offsets between stops. We're having many peak/off-peak periods and the complication coming from having to use multiple trip_id's makes it relatively more economical to simply run some calculations, determine individual trips, and do things the traditional way. As it is there is redundancy owing to there being different frequency values for weekdays, saturdays and sundays.

Reference links:

It's not mentioned that trip_id needs to be unique over there. But it's also not mentioned that we can use the same trip_id values for different time blocks.

Nikhil VJ
Pune, India

Nikhil VJ

Apr 15, 2019, 2:15:38 AM4/15/19
to Transit Developers
Hi, this line:

The value of exact_times must be the same for all frequencies.txt rows with the same trip_id.

Gives a "YES" answer to my question : "Can same trip_id be repeated in frequencies.txt?"

Nikhil VJ, Pune, India

PS: Apologies for forgetting to mention the question itself in the content of my last post.. it was in the subject-line and I forgot to re-write it in the post.
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