Judgy-Pants: Mowing Down a Cyclist Edition | Driving

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Nov 29, 2019, 12:06:34 AM11/29/19
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Judgy-Pants: Mowing Down a Cyclist Edition | Driving

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Judgy-Pants: Mowing Down a Cyclist Edition
A driver was arrested after running over someone crossing the street on their bike near Toronto — and somehow people are blaming the cyclist
by Lorraine Sommerfeld   | 4 hours ago
Traffic manners
  Whether you're a driver, cyclist, or a pedestrian, we all share the road.Ernest Doroszuk / Postmedia
  Once again, a dashcam delivers.
  Toronto is awash in rising collisions between vehicles and both pedestrians and cyclists. All media is in (rare) agreement, reporting that police enforcement has tanked, putting more people at significant risk. City Hall appears to care. Appears. Drivers seem not to. The fact is we are hurting and killing each other and we have to stop.
  The latest piece of evidence is this viral clip. The video shows a Mercedes-Benz making a right turn, into a cyclist. Cyclist goes down, driver crosses over the median and carries on.
  Reports say the driver did come back and was charged with careless driving.
  Some say the cyclist should have dismounted, etc. because let’s blame the person who was run over by an SUV. The cyclist did not suffer serious injuries.
  That driver was making a right turn onto a busy six-lane roadway. That driver was intent on looking for oncoming vehicles, and any pedestrian or cyclist would have lined up with their front A-pillar, and been partially if not totally hidden.
Lorraine Complains: Pedestrian fatalities keep rising because we’re all selfish jerks

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