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Tracy R Twyman

May 4, 2011, 12:44:31 PM5/4/11
Hello friends,
I have done several radio shows in the last couple of weeks. I've told you about some of them, like Coast to Coast. There have been many others also. I did this partially to promote my upcoming ebook Antichrist 2012: Will Prince William Be King of the World? The publication date of that work has been pushed back to May 9th so that we can include new information about recent world events that profoundly effect the matter we are talking about. Here is the link to where you can pre-order the ebook here:
And for Mailing List members only, a special ebook deal: Buy 5 of my ebooks from Quintessential Publications, get 5 ebooks free:
Antichrist 2012
Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge
The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
Solomon's Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America's Money
The Arcadian Mystique: The Best of Dagobert's Revenge Magazine
Get Free:
Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of St. Peter
Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA
The Cutting of the Orm: The Secret Calendar of the Priory of Sion
The Choice Vine: Mary Magdalene, the Sacred Whore, and the Benjamite Hypothesis
Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Atlantean Kings
A package worth almost $100 for just $49.95!
You can request substitutions from our catalog also:
Here are some of the interviews I did recently that I haven't already announced to you. Not all of them are available online:
Future Theater w/ Bill and Nancy Birnes, 4/16:
Binnall of America w/ Tim Binnall, 4/25: (This one was recorded in March but just recently released):
Also, here is a new article recently posted on Liberty Cap Press:
"The mystical royalist symbolism embedded in the program V":
Best Wishes,
Tracy R. Twyman
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