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Sep 5, 2008, 10:36:08 PM9/5/08
to Systronix TrackBot
IDE configuration issues seem to be a recurring problem for me.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I'm using a TabletPC?
I've downloaded the green foot simulation scenario, and it seems to
work fine.

However, when I follow the instructions for the Netbacks project, I
have a few problems:
1. A ton of references are not resolved.
2. When I go into Netbeans to resolve them, in the file dialog, I
cannot double-click the entries (such as a folder). I have to select
on entry, then poke the open button.
3. As soon as I select C:\ on a jar file, Netbeans marks it
"resolved"but not the other jar tiles.
So, I have to" fix" each one individually.
4. Once I get every jar file "resolved", Net-beans complains that some
Trackbot and sunSPOT io files do not exist.
5. When I exit Netbeans and reopen later, I have to reconfigure
everything again.

Have you seen behavior like this before? Sone of it looks like
classpath issues. Perhaps relating to the fact that I started with
Purple sunspot software, upgraded to the latest Blue release, and
then backed off to the
version recommended for Trackbot in your App Note?

In any case, I'm feeling frustrated that I can't get past the
mechanics and the basics to the research that I'm really interested in.
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