WikiAutoCompletePlugin usability issue regarding separator in source: macro

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Clemens Feige

Nov 1, 2021, 10:39:31 AM11/1/21
to Trac Users

I have a usability issue about the WikiAutoCompletePlugin [1] when using
it to auto-complete path names in the source: macro.

We like and use this macro very much. The "problem" is the slash (/)
path separator. When writing and auto-completing a longer path like
"source:/bla/blo/bli" the plugin does not offer a fluent auto-complete
unless you manually remove the trailing slash (/) path separator. It
does not behave like path auto complete feature in a typical shell.


Assume "/bla/blo/bli" as given path.
Typing "source:/bla" should offer "blo/".
Well, it does, and auto-complete delivers "source:/bla/blo/".
Now it should automatically offer the next level "bli/".
But it does not!
I have to manually remove the trailing slash
"source:/bla/blo" (no slash at end!) to get offered the next
auto-complete offer.

I am afraid, it is a little difficult to explain.

In fact, this is not a real problem. But auto-completing long path names
is not as convenient as known from many shell interfaces. Maybe it is
just a missing trigger or something?
After the user has selected one of the offered options, then the plugin
should offer the next list of options. So that the user can select,
select and select in a chain.

Is there anybody who has an opinion on that matter?
Or who can confirm (or better explain) the issue?



Peter Suter

Nov 1, 2021, 1:40:15 PM11/1/21

I agree the usability is not ideal.
I think the reasons for this are described in the following ticket
comments if I remember correctly:
The "solution" is basically to use the TAB-key to select completions.

Clemens Feige

Nov 2, 2021, 7:50:22 AM11/2/21
Hello Peter

Thanks for your reply. I learned that the reported behaviour is kind of
a usability compromise:
In some situations people do want that the auto-complete box appears, in
other situation people would want that it shall not pop-up).

I will instruct our TRAC users to use the TAB key.

Thanks again
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