Disabling cache in the PlantUml plugin?

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Aug 19, 2021, 6:18:52 AM8/19/21
to Trac Users

I don't know if I should go straight ahead an open an enhancement ticket for the following.
I did have a look at the source code already, and as far as I can tell the functionality is not already there in the plugin in question.
But I may be wrong, so I thought I'd better check here first.

We're making good use of the
in our Trac (1.2.6) environment.

The plugin is making use of a cache for the generated diagrams.
This however does not work too well when actually one wants certain diagrams to always be regenerated on request.

E.g. a Gantt diagram is written to indicate "today"'s date. Using the cache, this date is always the date of the cached version.
I assume there may be other such dynamic elements in other types of PlantUML diagrams.

Also we wanted to use the macro to show diagrams located in source repositories.
Again, if we commit new versions into the source repository, Trac still just shows the cached version.

As mentioned I had a look at the source, my Python and Trac development skills are at a minimum unfortunately.
It seems that there is no (easy) way to disable the caching mechanism right?

Thanks for any feedback on this, let me know if I should simply open an enhancement ticket.

And in general thanks to all of you participating in maintaining and developing Trac.

Best regards


Aug 19, 2021, 1:53:34 PM8/19/21
to Trac Users
We could add an argument to the macro to disable the cache for one particular diagram. Please feel free to open an issue. 

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