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John Villalovos

Sep 5, 2006, 4:42:02 PM9/5/06
Here are some MS Powerpoint slides describing Trac. It would be great
if people could supply some ideas to improve them.

Also useful would be a suggestion on where to put them on the Trac website.


Introduction to Trac.ppt

Esteban Pizzini

Sep 5, 2006, 5:20:45 PM9/5/06
Hi John,

Thanks for your slides.

I'll make some tutorial for the trac's users in my company. I'll send
you when I finish it too.


Esteban Pizzini

James Guyton

Sep 5, 2006, 6:30:49 PM9/5/06

Keep in mind the below are merely suggestions.

What is the purpose of your presentation? Are you aiming it for users,
administrators, or to convince management?

For users:
Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots. Having a live demo is neat; but
unless you are actually leading people through it on a machine, they
won't remember it.

A third of the emphasis on your presentation appears to be the wiki
feature. Honestly, the wiki is a good interface; but you don't need to
know crap about it to just use Trac. It's really something that probably
should be glossed over and highlighted at a later time, or if people are

If you are aiming it at software developers, highlighting the integrated
issue system with the commit auto-update, as well as web-based revision
diffing and log functions. Just the sheer fact that you can do a diff
without having to check out different revisions is extraordinarily nice.

If you are aiming it at PMs, noting the roadmap/milestone integration
with the ability to assign tasks and/or defects to a milestone, and
getting an at-a-glance overview of progress is godsend.

If you are aiming it at management, licensing issues, sustainability,
and cost are your key points. They may think the rest is neat, but they
aren't going to be using it.

Point by point:
Introduction: You provide information that is in the agenda, and
questions that you should either already know or should be asking at the
end. Nix.
Agenda: OK
Overview: Trac is a web-based issue tracking and program management tool
which integrates with a configuration management tool.
Vocabulary: Depends on audience. If you are dealing with people who
should be familiar with this, nix.

Issue Tracker: Unless you are coming from a previous tool, or dealing
with people who have, don't care what else it is like
Wiki support: Neat. But a lot of non-useful information (command
subsets). It's one of the features that doesn't come out well in a
presentation format. Screenshot the hell outta it.
Issue Tracker: Show customizablility, ease of use, query functionality.
Again, screenshot to hell.
Integration of SVN: focus on what you use. Don't care about any other
SCM tools. Mention the revision log integration. Screenshot to hell.

Good luck!


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