PROJECT - Decoupling Core (Framework) from Trac (Application)

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Ilias Lazaridis

Nov 19, 2006, 12:54:56 PM11/19/06
to Trac Development
In order to realize the compelixity of the trac development, the team
should start to decouple the Core functionality.

This will result in an (incomplete) web application framework "core",
which relies on the (incomplete) genshi template system. All this is
essentially independent of the (incomplete) application "trac".

[btw: A possible name for this framework could become "cart" - the
reversed "trac"]

As a first step, an additional folder "trac/core" could be created. The
relevant code is moved to this folder, after refactoring the code in
small incremental steps during the main development.

A possible start would be right after setuptools is merged to 0.11dev.


Some things subjecting the active development:

What is the status of the setuptools migration? Possibly the team
should collectively focus to solve all issues to finalize this step.

I've noticed a fresh start of the sqlalchemy migration. Possibly this
should happen unit-wise. E.g. if the wiki is migrated to sqlalchemy, it
should be tested and merged to trunk. Then e.g. another system should
be migrated, tested and the merged.

I am not sure if all those is applicable,.



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