Trac 1.1.3 Released

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Ryan Ollos

Jan 17, 2015, 8:09:05 PM1/17/15
Trac 1.1.3 Released 

Trac 1.1.3 continues the 1.1.x development line leading to 1.2
with some new features and a few not-so-disruptive changes. 

Note that the 1.1.x releases are "stable" and tested snapshots
of the trunk.  They can be seen as sub-milestones on the road
towards Trac 1.2. As opposed to maintenance releases,
*we offer no guarantees on feature and API compatibility
from one 1.1.x release to the next*. 

However, by following 1.1.x you get a chance to use new features
earlier, and therefore be able to contribute feedback when things
still in flux. It's also less risky than just getting the
trunk, as we won't cut a 1.1.x release in the middle
of a series of 
changes (though we had and still intend to have a
good record of 
keeping things always working on trunk). 

The intended audience are therefore enthusiast Trac users and Trac
plugin developers. These packages should *not* be integrated in
distributions, for example. 

Here are a few highlights: 

 - The ticket creation step can be configured in the TracWorkflow
   and the workflow controls are present on the NewTicket
   page (#2045).
 - New notification system that can be extended by plugins (#3517).
 - New preferences panel for notification subscriptions (#4056).
 - Wiki page version comments can be edited by users with
  `WIKI_ADMIN` (#6573).
 - Improved positioning of //Add Comment// section and //author//
   field on the ticket form (#10207).
 - The delete confirmation pages warn if attachments will also
   be deleted (#11542).
 - Removed support for SilverCity, Enscript and PhpRenderer
   syntax highlighters (#11795).
 - Combined //Date & Time// and //Language// preference panels
   as //Localization// (#11813).
 - Groups and permissions can be used in the workflow
   `set_owner` attribute (#11839).

Besides the few issues listed here, the fixes made for 1.0.3 are also included. 

You can find all the detailed release notes at: 


Download URLs: 

MD5 sums:

  5a882ddffc33743b885a145b977b0847  Trac-1.1.3.tar.gz
  dbc258b8a88f86ab428187751dfdb3ee  Trac-1.1.3.win32.exe

SHA1 sums:

  f6edb7f685a31f869b9dcc813168c2c3097f206d  Trac-1.1.3.tar.gz
  d78ddf0c697772606699dd90c5a76cafb0f8981c  Trac-1.1.3.win32.exe


- The Trac Team
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