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Ryan Ollos

Oct 25, 2014, 10:41:50 PM10/25/14
Trac 1.1.2 Released 

Trac 1.1.2 continues the 1.1.x development line leading to 1.2
with some new features and a few not-so-disruptive changes. 

Note that the 1.1.x releases are "stable" and tested snapshots
of the trunk.  They can be seen as sub-milestones on the road
towards Trac 1.2. As opposed to maintenance releases,
*we offer no guarantees on feature and API compatibility
from one 1.1.x release to the next*. 

However, by following 1.1.x you get a chance to use new features
earlier, and therefore be able to contribute feedback when things
are still in flux. It's also less risky than just getting the latest trunk, as we won't cut a 1.1.x release in the middle
of a series of changes (though we had and still intend to have a
good record of keeping things always working on trunk). 

The intended audience are therefore enthusiast Trac users and Trac 
plugin developers. These packages should *not* be integrated in 
distributions, for example. 

Here are a few highlights: 

 - Dropped support for Python 2.5. Trac can no longer be run on
   Python 2.5 as incompatible changes have been made in the
   source code (#11600).
 - The new ticket workflow action `may_set_owner` is similar to
   `set_owner` but the owner defaults to the existing ticket
   owner rather than the current user (#10018).
 - The new option `[ticket]` `optional_fields` specifies ticket
   select fields that are treated as optional (i.e. an empty value
   is allowed) (#10772).
 - Line number and row highlighting annotations can be specified
   for WikiProcessor code blocks (#10834).
 - The //default handler// can be set as a session preference
   (#11597), and the default value for all users can be set from
   the //Basic Settings// admin page (#11519).
 - Attachments can't be added to read-only wiki pages (#11244).
 - Tables on the admin pages have a //Select all// checkbox in
   the header (#10994).
 - Submit buttons are disabled if the required items are not
   selected (#11056).
 - The Admin //Permissions// page has a //Copy Permissions// form
   for copying permissions between users and groups (#11099).
 - The new option `[milestone]` `default_retarget_to` determines
   the default milestone for retargeting tickets when a milestone
   is deleted or closed, and can be specified from the
   //Milestone// admin page (#10010).
 - The //retarget// select is not shown when closing or deleting
   a milestone which has no tickets associated with it (#11366).
 - //Clear default// buttons allow the ticket system default value
   (e.g. `default_milestone`, `default_version`) to be cleared
   through the corresponding admin pages (#10772, #11300).
 - The `TitleIndex` macro supports relative path prefixes when used
   on wiki pages (#11455).
 - CommitTicketUpdater will recognize a ticket reference that
   includes a trailing `#comment:N` or `#comment:description`
 - The //Tickets// column of the milestone table on the
   //Milestone// admin page contains links to the query page
   showing all tickets associated with the milestone, grouped
   by status (#11661).
 - Authz policy can be used to restrict access to the //Report List//    page using the resource id `-1` (#11697).

Besides the few issues listed here, the fixes made for 1.0.2 and 
0.12.6 are also included. 

You can find all the detailed release notes at: 


Download URLs: 

MD5 sums: 

  32d7000abdc8bd7b7132c544e6512361  Trac-1.1.2.tar.gz 
  ff33a630636549d24e0f558c539294ba  Trac-1.1.2.win32.exe 

SHA1 sums: 

  0f2845d69551d135b635dbfc9211ef36f6797c50  Trac-1.1.2.tar.gz 
  8737d9d4dce384a995741bd1c80a313e1c099181  Trac-1.1.2.win32.exe 


- The Trac Team 

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