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André Walker

Aug 21, 2011, 9:05:21 PM8/21/11
Hello list,

I'm sorry I haven't written last week. I was traveling during weekend,
which is when I usually wrote reports, and then my classes started,
things got a little complicated. So this will be a simple report
summarizing both weeks.

Week of August 08th was when my classes were supposed to start again.
But there is a strike in Brazilian federal universities, so my classes
got delayed by a week. So I used that extra time to improve my GSoC
project, which still had some polishing to do. The extension API wasn't
working with "sugar", mainly. Some things weren't working the way they
were supposed to.

My mentor, t0m, helped me begin the API with sugar, and improve my tests
for overriding the default container. Also, when a custom container was
defined in the config, and it wasn't found, it just ignored silently.
Now it throws an error, like it's supposed to.
I spent some time improving the test for custom containers, and with
that, finding out where to improve the API. It's implemented now, and
simple things work nicely.
I did some backcompat, for people using internal methods we now have
I wrote a little documentation for each method, and one example for
overriding the container. It's pretty simple, needs some improving, but
it's there.

Most of the methods are tested in the live app test I mentioned (the one
for the custom container), but we should get some unit tests too.

Summing up, it can be used, most current applications should work
without modification, and one could customize the components as the
initial proposal said it would. Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader,
Catalyst::Model::Adaptor, Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext,
CatalystX::DynamicComponent::ModelsFromConfig, and others, are not
necessary anymore. Bread::Board fulfills their purposes in a much better
way. Current code already works replacing them.

It was a great experience. I will keep contributing to it until it gets
a stable release (a dev release should happen in few days... stable will
take some time), and hope to keep contributing to Catalyst in other
projects. Also, I hope to work in GSoC for TPF next year!



Aug 23, 2011, 2:01:10 AM8/23/11
to tpf-gsoc-students
Well, after my last Status Report, my project proposal was completed,
at least, that was what my mentors stated. Therefore, my mentors
suggested to stop coding the last feature that we agreed on, the
external templates for the files. So my mentors decided that I should
stop, on the last commit, and rebase to the commit before the last
commit. That commit before the last head in the repo, will be the one
to be packed and uploaded to the GSoC website and repo.

Dancer::Script is now a complete OO module, that makes use of the same
dependencies that Dancer calls for. With the inclusion of
Dancer::Object to the module, there is the capability of rolling their
own versions of the scaffolding module, just like Dist::Zilla dists.
From that, the module adds several functions for any Dancer
deployment, and works better without the need of re-scaffolding
another app each Dancer update.

I wrote a post with a better description of Dancer::Script. You can
find it here.

In conclusion, now that the project is complete, I'm more than
grateful for the opportunity. To work with my mentors, Franck and
Sawyer, was really a great learning experience, and the community was
really helpful. More than helping out, I felt like part of the team.
For that, I will continue to contribute to Dancer and other Perl web
frameworks, and probably move to other fields that Perl is useful in.

Aside from that, I will apply again, and hope to work for the The Perl
Foundation again in the following GSoC, probably for the Dancer web
framework again. Let's keep this going :)

See you around on IRC, any Perl related site, or mailing list. I hope
to work with everyone again.
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