GSoC Status Report – Pod Parser for Rakudo

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Tadeusz Sośnierz

Aug 19, 2011, 6:20:53 AM8/19/11
I apologise for late report this week, YAPC::EU stole most of my attention.
But that doesn't mean that hacking has been neglected, no :)

So, finally, formatting codes has been implemented. If you look at the output
produced from them it's mostly Less Than Awesome, but the produced AST is
correct, so the hard part has been done, and tuning Pod::To:: module family to
cope with them correctly is now a piece of cake. There are some rumblings
about parts of S26 talking about formatting codes, mostly the fact, that the
spec says they should be able to contain a full blown Pod Blocks. The idea
seems a bit odd to me, and most of the people I consulted it with. I've spoke
to Damian himself about it, and he also has a bit mixed feelings about it.
I've asked him about the rationale, and I have a few ideas which will enable
us to solve those problems in a more clear and consistent way. I'll probably
write some longer document this week concerning my doubts.

As for exposing Pod::Parser module for Perl 6, that task appears to be
impossible to be done given the current state of Rakudo. Loading
Perl6::Grammar properly is NYI, and extracting appropriate rules to a new
grammar fails due to stuff NYI in the grammar engine itself. After consulting
it with my mentor, I declared
stalled, and will probably fix it as soon as it will be possible.

This week has also brought more fixes to Pod rendering modules, and some fixes
in Pod parser itself that I haven't noticed before.

My issues list ( is suprisingly
small now as you look at it. I've got some feedback from my mentor and I'm
still planning a few tunes to Formatting Codes parsing and rendering. After
everything is finished I'll probably look for something related to do this
week, maybe turning Pod tests into spectest, maybe writing a Perl 6 Book
chapter about documenting code. The sky, and the time, is the limit, I surely
won't be bored :)

=end report
Tadeusz Sośnierz

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