GSoC Status Report – Pod Parser for Rakudo

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Tadeusz Sośnierz

Aug 3, 2011, 7:02:45 AM8/3/11
That week was a big jump forward. So big, that not much's actually left for my
GSoC project (in theory) :) But, first things first.

During the last week, I implemented:
– the basic case of .WHY (works for classes)
– DOC phasers (no default DOC init yet)
– Pod::To::Text module (very simple for now)
– implemented a --doc command-line switch (no taking arguments yet)
– switched the ordinary arrays of strings to proper Pod::Block::Para in the
generated AST

For the .WHY, I'm now blocked on some Rakudo segfaults, to which Jonathan
promised to look into. I'm blocked on some things not implemented in nom yet,
but nothing tragical, there's time to examine everything (e.g. I had to fix
command-line switches in Rakudo to implement --doc, that turned out to be
easier than I thought it'd be).

In addition to that, I published a blog post[1], which even got to the Perl
Weekly newsletter. My branch has been merged into nom (the current development
branch of Rakudo), so we can say my work got into the mainline :) I now plan
to steadily finish the partly-done things, then I can focus on polishing,
refactors, and possibly some additional work. Bright future ahead :)



Tadeusz Sośnierz

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