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Tadeusz Sośnierz

Aug 9, 2011, 4:21:03 PM8/9/11
GSoC is slowly coming to an end. As do my work. Let's take a look at the last
week of work:

* fixed .WHY for subroutines, implemented .WHY for methods
That fullfils all the .WHYs I had to do for GSoC, but it's so cool I'll
probably do all of them anyway :)

* implemented Pod::Block::Declarator objects
They have broken order, which I managed to fix in a wherefore-gc-bug branch. As
the name tells, the branch discovers a GC bug, which I'm unable to fix myself.
Fortunately, I have Jonathan and Others to help :)

* implemented a default DOC INIT phaser
perl6 --doc is now capable of generating documentation without adjusting the
script, which is a huge improvement. It's almost like perldoc now :)

* Implemented DOC use. That was the last DOC thing to be done

* lots of Pod::To::Text improvements
The output generator gets more and more love. Lots of in-field testing is
available because...

* We now fully parse S26!
That was more of a dream goal more than a GSoC goal, but it turned out that a
parser is good enough to need just one or two commits to fully parse its
specification. We're pretty far from generating a good, readable output from
it, but it's still a huge success imho.

* Created a gsoc-countdown list of things[1]
As GSoC is coming to an end, I sorted out what is to be done, and is not done
yet. My mentor is still to review the list to check if nothing is missing.

I suppose I'll have everything done by the suggested Pencils Down date, which
happens to be the beginning of YAPC::EU. So two reasons to finish it by then :)

Over and out.

[1] –

Tadeusz Sośnierz

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