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André Walker

Jul 15, 2011, 11:56:57 PM7/15/11

This week, the first thing I did was write tests for calling
$c->controller() with no args, as Devel::Cover showed that it was
missing. Then made these tests work with my changes.

I made a few attempts to change the way the default_model / default_view
were loaded from config, and used if $c->model() or $c->view() were
called without args. Changed my mind a few times, and finally made it
work. Now I'm waiting for feedback from my mentor, if the way I did it
was right. Created a sub to set a view or model the default, if there is
only one.

I refactored sub component, which was ugly, with many useless if's and
else's, and repeated code. I fixed as many tests as I could, and now
there are only two broken. In both I wrote a few comments in the code
for my mentor to evaluate and tell me what he thinks should be done.

This week was a little tough to meet with my mentor, because he got
sick, and I couldn't get online when he was available. So we ended up
talking better in the end of the week, and he told me to spend the time
I had testing real world Catalyst applications, to see if they still
worked. I downloaded as many as I could find, and I'm still testing
them. One of them was the other GSoC project that has just switched to
Catalyst, from Moritz Onken, MetaCPAN. It was the first application to
show a mistake, because my code wasn't getting default_view correctly
from config files. Now it's already fixed :)

If I have some time during weekend, I'll try to test some other
application I downloaded. Then I'll talk to my mentors on Monday and get
a better understanding of what to do next, and make a better plan for
the remainder of the project.

We're in the middle of the program, and I'd like to add, since we just
had our midterm evaluation, even though I'm a little behind schedule, I
am very satisfied with the development of the project, with my
mentors... I am appreciating very much this experience, and I'm looking
forward for the second half. I'd be really glad to keep working in
Catalyst after GSoC is over.

I hope you fellow students, and mentors, are enjoying your projects as
much as I am!


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