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Brian Fraser

Jul 21, 2011, 6:01:43 AM7/21/11
to tpf-gsoc...@googlegroups.com, Perl5 Porters Mailing List
Howdy all.

Bit of a slow week, as I didn't have net access for a couple of days. It was awful, and doesn't leave me with that much to report; But on the other hand, it was an awesome week - Midterm passed, the pad stuff got merged, and all the bugs in that started popping out. Fun : ) I'll follow up on that in another mail, so back to last week.

With the pad merge, getting our and the error messages with scalar filehandles working done was only a few lines, which makes several TODO tests to pass; And with prototypes cleanish (there are some issues with latin-1 prototypes in error messages, I think), that's another bunch of TODOs finished.

As per Father C's suggestion, I added a sv_sethek() function to sv.c (I know, bad name. Suggestions welcome), and revamped pp_caller and sv_ref() to use it. sv_ref() was also modified to take in a SV to modify (which can me NULL, in which case it creates a new normal SV and works on that) - so it can be used as (void)sv_ref(TARG, obj, TRUE) in pp_ref, but as SvPV_nolen(sv_ref(NULL, obj, TRUE)) in sv_reftype (and similarly in UNIVERSAL_DOES).

And, although not quite related to UTF-8 cleanliness, I also got kill "NAME" and %SIG lookup nul-clean, as well as most magicalization in gv.c.

The plan for this week is basically the same as last week, but in addition to that, I'll also be starting my incursion into toke.c and/or trying to get attributes clean.

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