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André Walker

Aug 7, 2011, 10:47:17 PM8/7/11

This week I rewrote part of my code that I was unsure when I first did
it. It wasn't really clear to me, and my mentors and rafl took some time
to discuss it and get to a conclusion how to do it. Well, so this week I
did it the right way, creating a fourth container called 'components'
that holds all the instances.

Many small details were fixed, the documentation was a little improved,
most of the broken tests are working again, and others we're still
thinking how to fix them. I wrote a test application for overriding the
default Container. This application has two customized containers that
do exactly the same thing, but using a different syntax. The first one
is pretty manual (almost working), while the second is with "sugar",
sort of the same way Bread::Board does (currently not implemented).

I created a new lifecycle for services, called "Request", though it's
not working yet. One problem that I encountered is that I need to deal
with the "context" inside the container, and I'm not really sure how to
do that yet. Made some experiments locally, but I'll wait for my mentor
to help me out with that.

I hope to finish the "manual" stuff this week, implement the "sugar",
and do some more adjustments this week. I hope to leave only
documentation and small fixes to the following week.


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