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André Walker

Jul 24, 2011, 8:32:11 PM7/24/11
I started this week off having a nice talk with t0m, and set some goals
for the week. It was great, I was able to accomplish more. I also had
another (briefer) meeting on Thursday.

I had tested a few apps in the end of last week. So I tested a couple
more this week too. Went fine.

I moved code from sub controller to Catalyst::Utils, creating a separate
sub there, and making code cleaner. I also simplified sub component a
lot more, it basically calls things from the container, and warns. Most
of the logic moved :)

I removed a class accessor from Catalyst. It was the "components"
accessor. I replaced it with a sub that fetches everything from the
container. Made things cleaner, removed repetition in some places. Also,
it returns a locked hash, so there is a proper warning when people do
nasty things, such as $c->components->{Foo} = 'Bar';

Catalyst applications used to have it's main file (that is, as
a controller. It has been deprecated, and it's been giving some trouble.
I made it throw exceptions when people use it like that, and I'm waiting
on t0m's feedback to know how to replace / remove it.

Fixed a few tests, but with latest changes, I've broken many. Also begun
a little POD, but it's just a draft yet, a sketch. Soon enough I'll be
working on documenting what has been done so far (even though there's
still a lot to be done).

I'm still a little confused about next steps. I've had some
conversations with my second mentor, edenc, but I'm still not sure on
how it should be. I'm hoping to have a longer conversation with t0m,
edenc and rafl to decide and plan the remaining of GSoC.


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