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Nov 15, 2009, 1:39:54 AM11/15/09
to Passion4Freedom
Why do we party?

Five Years of Firefox is a huge accomplishment and we are amazed to be
celebrating this milestone in our history. You know how to party and
we don't need to tell you how in an awkward video, so let's just take
some time to have fun and reflect on everything we have accomplished.
Five years is the perfect excuse to meet up, spread the word, plan our
next move and, of course, party down.

When do we party?

Celebrations should be planned starting November 9th and on—don’t
worry, we’re not limited to any specific dates
How and where do we party?

There should be Firefox parties all over the world. If you’re looking
for one to attend, you can find and RSVP to gatherings in your area
via our calendar.
We've celebrated major releases with thousands of parties all over the
world, so we're also looking for volunteer party hosts to celebrate
our Five Years of Firefox. It's easy to sign up and we'll even send
you some swag if you ask nicely Please put in your request as soon as
you can – supplies are limited.
Looking for a little inspiration? Add a little bit of pizazz to your
party and light the world with Firefox. Here are a few ideas:

* Mash-Up

Think of the most interesting way you can combine Firefox and
light. For example, create the logo out of candles on a birthday cake
or program your very own lite brite! The more creative, the better.

* Spotlight

Borrow a projector and shine the Firefox logo on the wall during
your party, or make a logo stencil and place it in front of a
flashlight for a cool effect. Or, go crazy and get a searchlight to
create your very own Firefox "bat signal"!

* Mobile

Get the Firefox logo on your phone and take a picture holding it
in front of a local landmark. Or, organize a bunch of friends for a
big group photo with the logo on everyone's phones.

How do I host a party?

Just follow a few simple steps:

* Find a location — here are some ideas:
o Rec rooms at schools, universities or community centers
o Restaurants, cafes, bars or LANhouses
o Your company or your home
o Local parks and picnic areas
* Create an “invite” on Spread Firefox and/or a social network.
You can start by posting your event on Spread Firefox (you’ll need to
have a SFx account & be logged in!)
* Promote your party by:
o Telling friends Adding it to services like Meetup &
o Writing about it on Twitter or identi.ca (use #firefox5)
o Posting updates, creating events or sending invites via
social networks
* Get some fun Firefox party favors put your request in now!
* Print out an anniversary timeline for your party and have
everyone fill it in with their favorite memories. Make sure to scan
or photograph your completed version and tag it #firefox5!
* Have people show up with a Firefox logo on their phone to get
into your party!

Firefox can do a lot of cool things, but we’re most impressed by how
it can bring people together. It’s time to party!

Swag form : http://spreadsheets.google.com/a/mozilla.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dGh4T056Znk4aHM4QTBwUENCWTJMS2c6MA

Event Calender :http://www.spreadfirefox.com/event/2009/11/01/month/

A video : http://www.spreadfirefox.com/5years/en-US/
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