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Harold Saive

Sep 12, 2022, 4:57:38 PM9/12/22
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COVID is a U.S. government operation

Why is Luciferase in Patent US10435695B2? And why is that patent owned by the Department of Homeland Security?


US Patent for Luciferace, 10435695B2 filed by Dept. of Homeland Security in 2017

Gaussia princeps
is a mesopelagic copepod found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide.[2] They have been known to display bioluminescence.[3]  Gaussia princeps is used in the production of luciferase.[4]


As most of you know, I was the first reporter to ask President Trump why the NIH had been funding the Wuhan Lab of Virology to “research bat coronaviruses” several years before the COVID pandemic.

That was April 2020.

In the following months, various media outlets reported that the Pentagon was also funding this research. Google was funding research on bat viruses too as was the Rockefeller Foundation and USAID.

This was the beginning of a coordinated smear campaign by the corporate media to brand me a “conspiracy theorist.”

Last week, the world learned through a lawsuit brought by the Missouri AG that the Biden regime was working with Big Tech to silence anyone who was critical of the COVID vaccines. The effort amounted to a “vast censorship operation” by the U.S government that counted at least 32 federal officials coordinating with Facebook and 11 federal officials coordinating with YouTube to silence and disappear any dissent by Americans.

The journalist Alex Berenson has internal Twitter documents that show the Biden regime was pressuring Twitter officials to suspend his account — a demand which was granted in August 2021.

My own Twitter account was permanently suspended in November 2021 over “misinformation” regarding the COVID vaccines as well. In my case, the supposed offense was mentioning that a bioluminescent enzyme used for tracking called Luciferase was included in the patent for the Moderna vaccine.

The problem for Twitter, and for the U.S. government, is that the Department of Homeland Security filed for a patent regarding “fusion proteins containing luciferase” in 2017, and was granted the patent in 2019.

Look at that initial filing date again: 2017.

What does this mean?

It means that COVID is a U.S. government operation. That’s why DHS is filing a bio-surveillance protein patent two years before the official outbreak of COVID. That’s why Obama’s deputy director of the CIA showed up at a coronavirus simulation exercise called Event 201 (sponsored by the WHO and the Gates Foundation!) in November 2019. That’s why DARPA (the R&D wing of the CIA) is “heavily invested” in vaccine development as if it’s some kind of healthcare provider.

The U.S. government funded the virus. The U.S. government funded the vaccine. The U.S. government illegally coerced Americans into taking experimental shots that have no long-term safety data and are extremely dangerous. That’s not just a massive conflict of interest. It’s an ethical and legal and medical disaster that may ultimately destroy our country.

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