Justification for a Federal Injunction to suspend all vaccine licenses based on unreasonable health risks and causal links to chronic disease pandemics (2009)

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Justification for a Federal Injunction to suspend all vaccine licenses based on unreasonable health risks and causal links to chronic disease pandemics (2009)



Kent R. Holcomb, #91014
Medical Legal Advocate A.S.P.C. Tucson Unit Manzanita P.O. Box 24401 Tucson, AZ 85734

 Saluting our unsung independent research heroes, this prototype action plan posits that the quality and quantity of new independent research now
warrants a U.S. Federal District Court injunction order that suspends the licenses of all vaccines listed on the National Vaccine Program’s (NVP) and
Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) schedule, as the Federal District Court is a normally unbiased judicial court, unlike the National Vaccine Injury
Compensation Program (NVICP) or Secretary of Health and Human Services (SHHS) forums that appear tainted.

 Viewed through a Civil Suit “42 USC § 300aa-31” lens with its “more likely than not” evidentiary burden and its Daubert, infra, prohibition
against expert opinion reliance upon poor quality and flawed data, the surviving good quality data shows the SHHS was statutorily required to
suspend the National Vaccine Program (NVP) since it “more likely than not” caused numerous neurological and immune system pandemics (e.g.,
autism, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, etc). Since the SHHS knew of this linking data and intentionally exposed the public to these
serous risks of harm, while attempting to hide/alter the data that showed the harm, the SHHS also violated the 14th Amendment’s “Constitutional
Safety Guarantees.” Under these egregious and horrifying circumstances, both Sec. 300aa-31 and a 28 USC § 1331 “Bivens Action” would authorize
injunctive relief, and where warranted damages. (Ref. 34)

 Unlike the formerly attempted Congressional, IOM, FDA, CDC and U.S. Federal Claims Court forums, the § 300aa-31 and “Bivens Action
Court” processes ban all flawed data, accept high quality biological data over poor quality epidemiological data, and place all quality evidence of
harm before a hopefully unbiased Federal Judge who is not influenced by politics or the pharmaceutical industry. Most importantly, these Judges
have the authority to remedy the problem and are accustomed to restraining the conduct of Federal Executive/Legislative branch agencies that
jeopardize the public safety rights. Here quality data triumphs over politics, as these Courts routinely protect our federal civil rights.

 The NVP is an umbrella for the vaccination activities of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Health (NIH), Advisory
Committee for Immunization Practice (ACIP) and the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) among others.
 © Copyright 2009, Medical Veritas International Inc. All rights reserved.
 Keywords: 42 USC § 300aa-31, QER/EBM, NVP/NVICP, pandemic, autism

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